Laura Grier


2020           Ontario College of Art and Design University                                                                                       Master of Interdisciplinary Fine Art

2015            Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University                                                                              Bachelor of Fine Art, Interdisciplinary

2012            Red Deer College, Visual Arts                                                                                                                    Non-Diploma Seeking Student

Awards and Grants

2018          2018 RISE Emerging Artist Program Recipient

2017          Aboriginal Arts Project Grant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts,Edmonton,CA

2015          Deline Land Corporation Scholarship and Bursary, Deline NWT, CA

2012          Deline Land Corporation Bursary, Deline NWT, CA

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018             Denewa Amii K’eta’a Ditla, Art Incubators Gallery, Harcourt House,                                             Edmonton, CA (Upcoming)

2018            Sahtuót’ine, RISE Emerging Artist Exhibition, ArtsPlace, Canmore, CA

2017             NextFest2017: Sahtuót’ine, Roots Building, Edmonton, CA

2017             Sahtuót’ine: Stories from Deline Elders, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, CA

2016            Gorabe Island, #yegcanvas (Public Art Commission), Edmonton Arts                                            Council, Edmonton, CA

2015            NSCAD Graduate Exhibition (Juried by Katherine Nakaska and Kate                                              Walchuk) Port Loggia Gallery, Halifax, CA

2015             EKAGÔHT’E, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, CA

2012            Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition, Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery,                                              Red Deer, CA

2011             Tell me Your Dreams, Red Deer College Library, Red Deer, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions and Exchanges

2018              Arrivals, Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective Emerging Artist Exhibition                            DC3 Art Projects, Edmonton AB

2017               SNAP Members Print Exchange 2017, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, CA

2017               InFocus Photography Exhibit, the Front Gallery, Edmonton, CA

2016               2016 SNAP Members Show and Sale, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, CA

2016              Return to Sender SNAP Member Print Exchange, SNAP Gallery,                                                     Edmonton, CA

2014              Sculpting Cinema, NSCAD Academy Campus, Halifax, CA

2014              Show of Force Print (Domestic Portfolio Exchange/int. Exhibition)                                               Partnership: JustSeeds Collective and Art and Activism, B Side Gallery,                                    Halifax, CA

2014             Sovereign Nation: Paths of Resistance and Decolonization                                                                (Curated Zine exhibition) B Side Gallery, Halifax, CA

2014               Mourning Week, ApARTment Gallery, Halifax, CA

2013               Hot Prints by NSCAD print club, NSCAD University, Halifax, CA

2013               Aboriginalities: NSCAD Indigenous Collective, Anna Leonowens Gallery,                                      Halifax, CA

2012               Print Class 2012 Portfolio Exchange, Red Deer College, Red Deer, CA


2017               Visual Arts BAIR residency, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, CA 

Professional Experience/Employment

2017               Indigenous Printmaking Studio Practicum, Banff Centre for Arts and                                             Creativity, Banff, CA

2016               Educational and Art Facilitator, Inclusion Alberta, Kings University,                                               Edmonton, CA

2015               Screen Print Assistant, By Design Embroidery and Screen Print, Halifax CA

2014               Executive Vice President of External Affairs, NSCAD University Student                                       Union, NSCAD University, Halifax, CA

2014               Community and Event Coordinator, Anchor Archive Zine, Roberts Street                                     Social Centre, Halifax, CA

2013               Campaign Organizer and Designer, Take Back the Campus, NSPIRG,                                              Halifax, CA

2012               Gallery Attendant, Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery, Red Deer, CA

Affiliations/ Volunteer

2017              Member & Volunteer: Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists & SNAP                                    Calendar Collective

Volunteer: Art Gallery of Alberta, Exhibition Guide

2016              Volunteer: Art Gallery of Alberta, Exhibition Guide

Member &Volunteer: Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists

Volunteer: PowerShift Alberta/ Green Peace, Art Collaborator

2015              Member: 2013-2015 the Canadian Federation of Students & the National                                  Aboriginal Caucus

Nova Scotia Indigenous Representative: 2014-2015 the Canadian Federation of Students and National Aboriginal Caucus

Volunteer & Organizer: Solidarity Halifax

Member: 2013- 2015 NSCAD University Indigenous Collective, Co-chair

2014               Volunteer: NSCAD University Print Club

Volunteer: Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group

                      Member: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

2013              Volunteer: NSCAD University Print Club

Executive: SUNSCAD, Vice President of External Affairs

2012              Founder: NSCAD Indigenous Collective

2011              Executive: Red Deer College Visual Art Society, Secretary


Citations/ Publications

2017               These Pills Don’t Come In My Skin Tone, Published 08/31/2017. Curated                                     and co-edited by Bassam. Feather and Anchor, Toronto ON, CA

2017              Canadian artists dive into cultural backgrounds with exhibits at SNAP                                         Gallery. Published 04/26/2017 by Mitch Goldenberg.                                                                        Edmonton Examiner, Edmonton AB, CA

2016               Land and Water Issue 3, Rainbow Trout. Uncredited/Donation, Published                                   05/13/2016, Red Rising Magazine, Winnipeg MB, CA

2015               The 2015 NSCAD University Graduation Exhibition Catalogue. Published                                     May 2015 by Ksenia Azanova, Halifax NS, CA

2014               Geleiwatl Street? Not so fast…Recognizing Mi’kmaq Cultural Contributions                                  in street name changes in DIY affair. Published 04/14/2014 by Miles                                            Howe, Halifax Media-Coop. Uncredited, Halifax NS, CA

2014               AUG 10 is Prison Justice Day, self-published Zine with Elder Billy Lewis.                                       Published 08/10/14. Anchor Archive Zine Library, Halifax NS, CA

2014               Showing Resistance. Sovereign Nation: Paths of Resistance and                                                   Decolonization Zine Installation. Published 07/10/2014 by Stephanie                                            Johns, the Coast, Halifax NS, CA