The act of storytelling is an act of Indigenous resistance, decolonization, and reclamation. We have a responsibility to “hold on to our traditional knowledge”: Dene náorweré edets’itó. Sahtuót’ine is a series of screen prints that depict stories from the Deline of the Northwest Territories. As a Deline first nation, brought up away from their traditional lands, I feel obligated to learn and tell these stories. It is imperative that the shared stories and lessons demonstrated are preserved for the continuation of Indigenous culture.

Bele Yah 2016

Tu Yelé 2016

Tı̨ch’ádı́i 2016

Yamoria 2016

ı̨k’ǫ́ 2016

Tudze 2017

Somba Ke 2017


Sahcho 2017